Christofer Döss awesome Google exposure

Being naken and erect on Google is pure awesomness!

Before my previous twitter account was removed I had more than 300,000 hits on Google, when googling my name Christofer Döss.

That was Heaven #7 for a sexual exhibitionist like me!

Now there are only, like 10-20,000 hits...

However... I do my very best to try and regain that awesome Google position, by exposing myself - my pix, vidz and name - on every thinkable way and place ever possible online.

Christofer Döss previous blog

Prior to this blog I had another one that unfortunately got shut down at over 200,000(!) page views.
Below are a few example pix from that blog:


Christofer Döss nude shower Periscope live webcast

Unfortunately my Periscope account got reported and shut down, during my Christofer Döss nude shower Periscope live webcast, this morning.

Luckily the first part of the video was saved to my phone, but as it was reported the video didn't capture the very end, where I played with myself until I cummed a lot.

Here follow a few screenshots of my shower - and the actual video itself.


Christofer Döss nude Periscope live webcast

Here is my Christofer Döss Sexual Exhibitionist nude stair walk live webcast on #Periscope.

Beside Periscope it was also broadcasted live and direct on my Twitter. Click to open if you have Twitter.

You can also watch the recorded live session as a saved video on Periscope:

...or watch it here down below:


I have performed many live nude web cam shows through the years, but this was the first time live on Periscope and I therefor didn't know all the features. I couldn't for example switch to the front camera, so there wasn't any screen to see myself on wich made it kinda difficult to direct live.


Christofer Döss nude walk sex exhib substitutes

Yesterday I was supposed to go on a new nudewalk. The sun, that had promised to stay up all day shining, suddenly thought it should play hide and seek behind huge dark clouds though - along with already cold weather. So no new nude walk...

Today is also grey, cold and a bit rainy. Having a now more than a fortnight of dry spelling on nude walks I'll have to find some places indoors to expose myself instead.

So what to do, what to do...

Could the balcony do it, the basement or the stairway? Or maybe all three?
The more (chances of exposure) the better, as I use to say, so here you are (and yes, I made a new cum video as well):