Christofer Döss HOT Crete public nudity

I had an really hot, literally, and awesome sex exhib Christofer Döss nude time on Crete! <3 :-)

Beside walking without any type of cloths on the beach in the moonlight and walking nude around the pool, strolling the outdoor hotel surroundings (including the restaurant area) and the stairs up to the open roof top floor totally naked I got to make a nude dancing cum video in the hallway to a public restroom beneath the hotel pub (see below) and I also kinda joined the 10,000 Meter Club, by photographing myself naked aboard the plane while airborne.

What other awesome thing I did was posting myself home a nude pic of myself (also see below), addressed to Sex Exhib Christofer Döss. Yes it ended up in my mailbox. :-)

Beside doing hot sex exhib stuff there, it really was hot - with 36 degrees Celsius in average in the shadow! The heatwave Belsebud (or whatever they called it) had struck southern Europe. Not to wonder that I wanna go back!

You can also find the originals to all pix and vidz here in my Dropbox, free for downloading and online sharing: